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My 3D home series is inspired by the imagined memories of nostalgic and dream-like environments, moments of memories trapped in the house. I enjoyed how it looks distortion and optical illusion by  
transparency films. I found my surreal home sculptures series are intended as a reflection of our psychological need to take refuge in a dream-like inner space. 

Ju Yun_Outside in_1.jpg
Ju Yun_Han Ok_1.jpg
Ju Yun_Han Ok_2.jpg
Ju Yun_City in_1.jpg
Ju Yun_City in_2.jpg
Ju Yun_City in_4.jpg
Ju Yun_City in_3.jpg
Ju Yun_Ballerina_1.jpg
Ju Yun_Ballerina_2.jpg
Ju Yun_Ballerina_3.jpg

Home Series

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